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Thank you for wanting to share your very personal story with us. I truly believe we are helping others to awaken to a new world where possibilities and signs of the Afterworld are endless. Even if we help only one person to see that "love" really does survive the transition from these physical bodies, our journey for enlightenment will have been a great success. ~Lyn Ragan 

To share your SIGN with Lyn, please read the instructions on how to submit your story...

a) Keep length of story under 1,500 words. 

(Each story will be professionally edited for spelling, grammar, and may be shortened for inclusion.)

b) Signs are to be from beloved pets only.

c) Include your first name, last initial, your city, and the state you reside in.

d) Submit your story to this email address only:

Please know that every story received cannot be included. If yours is chosen, you will be notified and will also receive a free copy of the book after publication. Thank you again, and many blessings to you...

Signs From Loved Ones In Spirit


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   There are countless forms of communications from loved ones passed. One of the most obvious is direct visitation when a loved one appears in dreams and then delivers a message. While this is a very powerful Afterlife communication, not everyone experiences it. Don't be disappointed if you can't remember your dreams. There are Signs everywhere if one looks for them. When a sign does appear, a message is conveyed. This may represent happy memories, feelings of love, or can have a special significance known only to the one receiving the message.

    Signs are accessible to everyone and are Gifts from the Afterlife filled with love. Following her fiancee's signs, this author penned two books and filled them with dream-visitations and awake messages. When Lyn's partner was stripped away, she thought her life had ended too. But hours after his murder, Chip started their new journey by sending her ADC's, (After Death Communications), and guided her to an awakening into the mysteries of the Hereafter.

Their tragic ending... became their new beginning.

Lyn's Books ... Witnessing Signs And Messages From Loved Ones In The Afterlife

Adult Coloring Book

A Teen/Young Adult Coloring Book

An Adult Coloring Book

An Adult Coloring Book

An Adult Coloring Book

Signs are accessible to everyone and are Gifts from the Afterlife — 

filled with love.

~Lyn Ragan, Author of Wake Me Up! 

How Chip's Afterlife Saved Me

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